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UKAM, the only international research and application center regarding karst among the research and application centers established within the universities in Turkey, cooperates with national and international institutions and the relevant industry where the university conducts basic and applied researches of the units offering graduate and undergraduate education in the field of Hydrogeology Engineering and Karst Hydrogeology in light of its aims, and conducts activities of science, technology and prosperity everywhere within the university or where necessary.

Mission: The mission of the center is to develop programs towards understanding, analyzing and protecting the water resources in Turkey, especially the karst water resources and the concept of karst, and solving engineering and environmental problems regarding the water resources, and to conduct, organize and support relevant researches and other activities.

Vision: The vision of the center is to maintain and develop its identity of a national perfection center/international research center through its research-education-application programs towards solving the problems regarding water resources, especially the karst water resources.

International Karst Water Sources Research and Application Center